Monday, March 29, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Knoodle Knits, custom wool hats

Baby it's cold outside!  The sunshine was out for just a few days to tease us, and now it's behaving like winter again.  -Le sigh-  Time to break out the warm clothes again!

My family and I LOVE to go on walks.  I usually recruit my mom to come along and push the 2nd stroller.  Although Brooklyn is 5 now, the distances we walk are just far too much for her.  We usually stop by Dutch Bros to feed my mother's addiction.  Here in Oregon, with cold and rain a large portion of the year, good warm clothes and accessories are a must!

We've got these adorable hats made by Knoodle Knits that myself and the girls adore!

(click on any photo to enlarge and see detail)

This is a Custom Matty Hat, Lavender and boucle accent, 100% Wool

This one is a Custom Virginia Hat, SWS geranium and black, 100% Wool

So cute and funky, both hats made just how we wanted!  Both are soft and stretchy, and will certainly fit them for at least a couple winters.  Their heads stay nice and toasty in these.

Knoodle Knits has SO many design options for their hats, I had trouble choosing!  My girls are very happy with theirs, and these are so much more fun than something store-bought.

All items are made by two WAHM's, Christine and Janet.  They also do longies and shorties for all you cloth diapering mamas!

They have a HyenaCart shop (HERE) but you can see far more of their items on Facebook (HERE)

PostHeaderIcon Angel Bums AIO Cloth Diaper

We recently had the pleasure of getting two AIO's from Angel Bums on Etsy

(all photos can be clicked to enlarge and see detail)

The outer layer is made from Ultrex, waterproof and super soft!  They have hook and loop closures called DuraGrip (like Velcro but tougher).  She sews all the way around the edges of the closures so there are no rough edges.  There are also laundry tabs of course, so you can fold the DuraGrips over on themselves.  This keeps them from snagging on other diapers in the laundry, a definite must-have feature!

We've only been using them a little while, but the diapers are well made and I believe will hold up well very well over time.  The elastic is just the right amount of stretchy.  Secure without being pinchy!

(click to enlarge and see detail)

Just when you're groaning to yourself about having to change another diaper, you open it up and ta-da!  FAIRIES!  LOL!  These are so stinkin cute!  She has a lot of different fabrics and is happy to do custom orders.  I just love all things girly, so seeing these hang drying in my bathroom, or on my little one's tush just makes cloth diapering that much more awesome.  And yes, her boy diapers are cute too!

The soaker is super absorbent, and attached securely at the back.  No digging through the laundry for a separate piece, but it's not *inside* the diaper, so it washes and dries easier (a plus for me when hand-washing!)  Like the rest of the diaper, it is well made and securely sewn on.  I feel like we could beat the crap out of these and they'll just say "Is that all ya got?!"

Her diapers come in four sizes, and the newborns even have an umbilical cord cut out.

Little One here has just turned 2 and can be a heavy wetter at night.  AngelBums lasted all night long without even breaking a sweat!

The pros about AngelBums:  Everything!

The cons:  I wish I'd had a full stash of these from day 1 when I became a mommy 5 years ago!

I absolutely love them.  Adorable, customizable, soft yet durable, very absorbent without being bulky, and no need for extra soakers.  I would definitely invest in more of these if we were to have another squeaker!

Check out AngelBums cloth diapers and other items on Etsy (HERE) and let her know I sent ya :-)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

PostHeaderIcon IncrediBellas One-Size Pocket Diaper from

(click photo to enlarge)

We recently got this Incredibellas from and have gotten to use it several times now.  We are new to cloth diapering, and are even hand-washing, so this is quite an adventure for us!  This is the very first one that Charlotte has ever had on her little tushie, and she just turned two.  Now I wish we had done this long ago!

I was so excited to receive it that I promptly snapped it onto Charlotte before even washing it, just to see how it would look.

She promptly poked at it in confusion, and started to cry!  Oh dear!  I gave her a big hug and let her inspect her new booty cover some more.  After just a few seconds of "WTH is this thing?!" she dropped down onto all fours and started acting like a puppy.  Okaaay... that was a quick adjustment period, hurrah!  I was so amused watching her, I forgot to take the diaper off before she had a chance to use it.  Ooops.

So anyhoo, after giving it a few pre-washes, we finally got to use it for real.  I really love how soft cloth diapers are in comparison to disposables!  This diaper is designed so the snaps are hidden and don't come in contact with baby's skin.  It opens on both ends for easy stuffing, and it came with a 100% cotton tri-fold soaker AND a 100% cotton bi-fold doubler. I stuck both of them in there for night-time, she was still comfy as can be, and no leaks!

Their website says that these diapers use lastin elastic, and that it is the ONLY elastic that will withstand exposure to urine and hundreds of washes.  I haven't had the chance to use the diaper THAT much and tell you our experience with it, but hey... it sounds good to me!

There is a stay-dry layer of butter suede on the inside, and it's very soft!  When the diaper was clean, my little one held it up to her face and nuzzled it, LOL.  

They say the cover is "Top quality waterproof 2mm PUL to prevent leaks and wicking", and with several uses and a few heavy pees, everything did indeed stay where it should.  I'm all for NOT getting pee on me while I sleep, LOL.

This diaper washed up easily, and dried overnight just being hung in my bathroom.  I only wish they had more colors to choose from!
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