Monday, March 29, 2010

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We recently had the pleasure of getting two AIO's from Angel Bums on Etsy

(all photos can be clicked to enlarge and see detail)

The outer layer is made from Ultrex, waterproof and super soft!  They have hook and loop closures called DuraGrip (like Velcro but tougher).  She sews all the way around the edges of the closures so there are no rough edges.  There are also laundry tabs of course, so you can fold the DuraGrips over on themselves.  This keeps them from snagging on other diapers in the laundry, a definite must-have feature!

We've only been using them a little while, but the diapers are well made and I believe will hold up well very well over time.  The elastic is just the right amount of stretchy.  Secure without being pinchy!

(click to enlarge and see detail)

Just when you're groaning to yourself about having to change another diaper, you open it up and ta-da!  FAIRIES!  LOL!  These are so stinkin cute!  She has a lot of different fabrics and is happy to do custom orders.  I just love all things girly, so seeing these hang drying in my bathroom, or on my little one's tush just makes cloth diapering that much more awesome.  And yes, her boy diapers are cute too!

The soaker is super absorbent, and attached securely at the back.  No digging through the laundry for a separate piece, but it's not *inside* the diaper, so it washes and dries easier (a plus for me when hand-washing!)  Like the rest of the diaper, it is well made and securely sewn on.  I feel like we could beat the crap out of these and they'll just say "Is that all ya got?!"

Her diapers come in four sizes, and the newborns even have an umbilical cord cut out.

Little One here has just turned 2 and can be a heavy wetter at night.  AngelBums lasted all night long without even breaking a sweat!

The pros about AngelBums:  Everything!

The cons:  I wish I'd had a full stash of these from day 1 when I became a mommy 5 years ago!

I absolutely love them.  Adorable, customizable, soft yet durable, very absorbent without being bulky, and no need for extra soakers.  I would definitely invest in more of these if we were to have another squeaker!

Check out AngelBums cloth diapers and other items on Etsy (HERE) and let her know I sent ya :-)


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