Friday, April 16, 2010

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Banana Peels Diapers has a massive selection of various brands, and we tried one of their Bum Genius Organic one-size.

The snaps allow you to adjust the fit as your baby grows, from about 8-35 pounds

The inside of this diaper is 100% organic cotton, and oh-so soft!

I love this little diagram they have so you can see what I'm talking about!

The stretch to fit tabs give it a nice sort of fit that I often miss from our disposable diaper days.  According to the site, these are an industry first, so no wonder I haven't seen this in other diapers!  It's a great feature.  The liner is sewn onto the front and back of the diaper, but is loose in between for easier washing and faster drying.  This really does make a difference when I'm hand-washing!  I also appreciate not having to stuff it, or dig for the right liner.  Everything stays together!  This diaper is so easy to use, which would make it good for those of you with hesitant hubbys or childcare providers.  Ours has snaps, but they also come in hook and loop for those of you who may prefer that.  The leg elastic is gentle, but contains any mess.  It has a waterproof outer layer, and we've had zero leaks with this diaper, even during long nights.  We feel totally confident using this diaper any time, any where.  Overall, this diaper is slim and comfy but effective!

You just really can't go wrong with Bum Genius, and Banana Peels Diapers offers free shipping on all orders over $50.  She carries a ton of other brands and diaper types too, AND lots of other products.  Baby carriers, mama items, gifts, baby legs, swim diapers, and a lot more!  There are even great resources there about cloth diapering, diaper care, potty training, etc.  I found their service was quick and friendly.

Check out their website and their Facebook


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