Thursday, April 15, 2010

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I absolutely love Etsy, and Sara from Cuter Than a Cupcake goes above and beyond the norm with her items!

Take a look at that adorable travel wipes case!  I just about swooned when I opened it, I'm such a sucker for all things girly (even the wrapping was done beautifully)! I love that she's taken something bland, and turned it into something so fabulous.

There's so much more here than meets the eye.  She uses a Huggies brand travel case underneath.  I've always used these, and they hold up very well.  She pads it lightly to smooth out the surface and make it feel nice under the fabric.  I've seen some wipes cases in other shops that are quite frankly padded to the point of ridiculousness, and I appreciate that this case isn't made extra bulky considering I carry it in my purse everywhere.  Her fabric selections are fun and modern, and she adds some pizazz with ribbon and Swarovski Crystal rhinestones.  LOVE the sparkle!  She uses high-quality trim, usually with velvet in the middle:

She really puts a lot of thought into the details!  I struggled to even find where the seam in the ribbon is, she hides it so well.  It is strongly affixed, and I have no worries about my little one being able to pick the pretties off the case.  Every time I pull this out of my bag in public, someone asks me where I got it!

I kinda wanna go buy ALL the cases she has, lol!  I have 4 pregnant friends now, and these would make such great baby shower gifts.

Check out some of the other ones she has:

Her shop also carries jewelry and hair accessories, and we got a darling little flower clip:

Now, anyone can grab a cheap flower from Wal-Mart and glue a clip to it, but once again, Sara goes above and beyond.  She uses soft, high-quality silk flowers that you can't just buy at any old craft shop.  She even trims the edges and heat treats them to prevent fraying.  This clip has a Swarovski Crystal Rivoli center, double bonded for durability.  She can also do acrylic centers, but the Swarovski upgrade is only $1.60 extra, so heck... go for it, lol!  Underneath is a hair clip covered in coordinating ribbon, and she can make them no-slip too for little ones with fine hair.  Simple but lovely in every detail!  I wanted to get a photo of this on my little one, but she wasn't in the modeling mood this time, alas.

Just some more loveliness you have to see:

If you're looking to add some high-quality sparkle to your life, or bless a friend with a beautiful gift, Cuter Than a Cupcake gets my stamp of approval!  She enjoys custom orders, so if you don't see quite what you're looking for there, drop Sara a line.  She was a pleasure to work with!

She's also on facebook (here)


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