Saturday, April 10, 2010

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Since becoming a mommy, I can tell you that I got to a point where I very rarely wore jewelry anymore.  Delicate necklaces and bracelets were so easily grabbed and broken or chewed on by a curious baby/toddler!  I've got a whole jewelry box full of things that need new clasps or chains.

God bless the internet and "mama jewelry"!  I found Moon Dog Farm on Etsy and fell in love with the beautiful simplicity of her items.  This butterfly necklace is my favorite!  Green is something that normally doesn't even exist in my wardrobe, but this particular piece just struck me.  I love the detail, it's definitely not going to break!  She uses slip knots to make the length easily adjustable, so it works with whatever neckline you've got on.  The stone is Serpentine, also known as "New Jade".

I also got two of her simple round stone necklaces, one in amethyst, and another in a clear stone that I can't recall the name of.  I love having these simple but lovely necklaces that can go well even with my casual clothes.  My little one loves to play with them, and no amount of pulling could break this tough cotton cord!  I far prefer it to her fingers up my nose or pulling my hair, LOL!  These could even be great indestructible jewelry for children.  My 5 year old loves to borrow them.

She has such a wide variety of stones to choose from, I would definitely go back for more!  There are some really vivid stones too, but I have a preference for the lighter stuff.

Some of my other favs from her shop:

She also carries some felted items if that is up your alley!

You can check out Moon Dog Farm on Etsy (HERE) and tell her that Woman Uncensored sent you :-)


Anonymous said...

I've got one of her necklaces too and it is beautiful! I love it!
I am planning to get more and one of my daughters has one picked out that she wants too. :)


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