Wednesday, April 7, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Prarieland Herbs: shampoo bar, vinegar rinse, and facial serum

I've been dying to ditch chemical shampoos and conditioners for ages and am finally free!  I also managed to ditch my usual body wash, face wash, and moisturizer as well.

I found a site called Prarieland Herbs and decided to give them a try.  

I've always hated the disgusting build-up on my scalp thanks to my usual store-bought products.  It seems no matter how hard I scrub, there's always that gunk!.  I got their peppermint and tea tree shampoo bar, and was pleased to see that it can also be used on body and face, suh-weet!

My hair is color treated and cut above my shoulders.  It gets blown dry and flat ironed nearly every day.  For obvious reasons, I've had a lot of trouble with dry ends in the past.  The only thing that fixes it is a trim, and I don't get that done often enough.  Anyhow, I was skeptical about going without conditioner.  I imagined that with just a bar and some vinegar, my hair would surely feel like straw and be difficult to brush, BUT I gave it a shot anyway.

Within seconds, I was in love with the shampoo bar!  Anything minty honestly rocks my socks, but everything else about it amazed me too.  The lather was so rich, and I barely had to use any.  When I rinsed, my hair was a level of clean I have seriously never felt before.  Woah, just WOAH.

I followed up with one of their vinegar rinses, in lavender and rosemary.  These rinses are supposed to help avoid the "funky hair syndrome" that can happen when making the switch, as well as add shine and help balance the pH of your hair.  It definitely still smells like vinegar, despite the other ingredients, but you rinse it right out anyhow.  I had hubby sniff-test me afterwards, and all was well ;-)  Don't pour this stuff straight on your hair!  You keep a cup in your shower, add a couple tablespoons of this, then fill with water and pour over your hair.  If you happen to have a toddler in there with you like I often do, try not to get any on them, lol, or you may get some nose wrinkles and "ewww"!  This product was nice to start out with, but when I ran out, I found that apple cider vinegar does the trick to keep the shine.

I used the same bar on my face and body, which also left my skin feeling nice and clean.  When I got out, I followed up with their Capture Facial Serum to moisturize my face.  The smell is a little different, but not bad. Just a little bit goes a long way, and feels really nice!  I use Bare Minerals make-up, and I REALLY like the way it goes on after using this serum.  Very smooth, and less make-up seems to do the trick now for some reason.

After my first use, I carefully brought the comb to my hair and found that it glided through just as easily as always!  I dried and flat-ironed as usual.

In the following weeks, my hair adjusted to the new products, and I had a few days of dryness, a few days of my hair feeling a little heavy, and it is now just simply smooth and clean!  It is much easier to flat-iron now, which saves me time, and my ends are no longer constantly dry.  All smooth and soft from root to tip, it seriously shocks me that so little could accomplish so much, lol!

Myself, my husband, and my kids all used the shampoo bar on hair and body.  I didn't do vinegar rinses on my daughters.  My 5 year old has butt-length hair, and it is clean, shiny, and manageable with just the bar.  We only have to wash her hair about once a week, otherwise it gets too dry.  It could probably even go less often than that, it never seems to get oily at all, but she does usually get something sticky in it eventually, lol.  My 2 year old has wild curly hair that reaches her mid-back if stretched out.  We only use the bar on her as well, and her precious curls are as shiny and bouncy as ever!  She has to be washed more often because she gets much messier ;-)

PrarieLand Herbs even threw in a bottle of their body and linen mist for me to try, in lilac scent!  It does contain alcohol and some of the scent options use fragrance oil instead of essential oil, but I still love it, and the ingredient list is short compared to our usual store-bought stuff.  The lilac is so perfect for spring, but I think I will try their natural perfumes in the future instead.

I'm very pleased with how many chemical products I was able to ditch from our shower routine, and how well they work!  I'll never go back to Wal-Mart for shampoo, conditioner, detangler, face wash, moisturizer, or baby wash!

They carry  LOADS of other products, so take a peek and give them a try!


Risey said...

I bought the ginger beer shampoo bar, which I appear to be mildly allergic to. :( I got a free sample of the peppermint shampoo bar, too. I'll try that out when the ginger beer one runs out. So far, so good! I've been using chemical conditioner, which has just run out...We'll see how it goes!

Maren said...

I just placed an order :) I am so sick of using crappy shampoo! Thanks for sharing :)

~Sherie~ said...

I've heard of this company before, but never tried them. Thanks for posting this review, I think I'll try some of their products!

ML said...

I have used Praireland's products for years and love them.
I am chemically sensitive and have to be very careful what I use.
Several of their perfume items are all natural (i.e., no perfume oils only essential oils). My favorite is the Rosemary-Peppermint and the Lavender. The African Black Soap is a dream, too, very wonderful stuff. And the Muscle Mist is great for sore aches as well as sniffles!
You can't go wrong with anything you purchase from these amazing gals.
~ML in Texas

StephanieT. said...

NC here! We have been using their products for several years now. My husband will not use any other shampoo, and I only use the tea tree soap on my face, and their moisterizers (I am 46 years old). Best part? It's a very small company composed of a really cool family, and they send emails! Be sure and try the Sandlewood solid perfume; I use it daily, and was asked recently if it was "Aveda!"

Anonymous said...

I've always bought the peppermint and tea tree bar when I used to buy it. I wish I could start buying it again! I never bought their vinegar rinses, though. Regular apple cider vinegar worked just fine for me. There was never a vinegary aftersmell either.

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